An Overview of Tennessee State Veteran Benefits

Tennessee Veteran Benefits

You’ve served your country, and you may even have sustained a disabling injury. Now that you’re back in your home state of Tennessee, you might find that you’re struggling. Are you familiar with the Tennessee veteran benefits that are available to you right now? 

In all states, veterans can claim many perks, discounted services, and privileges. While many of these benefits exist to assist disabled Veterans, several are available to anyone who has served. You can be taking advantage of everything from property tax relief to free camping in state campgrounds. 

We’ve created this Tennessee veteran benefits guide to assist you in finding and taking advantage of these opportunities. Continue reading to learn more about veteran benefits administration in Tennessee, and how you can claim yours. 

Tax Privileges For Tennessee Veterans

Veterans in Tennessee may receive two distinct tax privileges – one for motor vehicle tax, and one for property tax. Both of these benefits are specifically for 100 percent disabled veterans. 

Foremost, disabled veterans and POWs are completely exempt from paying the county motor vehicle privilege tax in Tennessee. You must have a 100 percent total disability from a service-related cause to qualify for this benefit. 

Second, 100 percent of disabled Veterans can claim relief on their property taxes. Veterans can receive up to $175,000 of the property’s value, based on a formal assessment. Furthermore, surviving spouses can claim up to $100,000 of that value. 

Housing For Tennessee Veterans

There are four state veteran homes in the state of Tennessee. Veterans, surviving spouses, and gold star parents may reside in these homes for a cost.

You can find Veteran’s homes in Clarksville, Humboldt, Knoxville, and Murfreesboro. There are plans to open two new Veteran’s homes in Arlington and Cleveland shortly. The Tennessee State Veterans Home Board operates all of these locations.

You must be a native or current Tennessee resident to be admitted. These homes are well suited to disabled veterans. Residents benefit from long-term care services such as skilled nursing and therapy services

Employment Benefits For Tennessee Veterans

In the state of Tennessee, veterans do not need a service-related disability to claim employment benefits. All resident veterans will receive credit for their military service in state employment. Likewise, they may claim reemployment rights (in the case of public employees).

All veterans will receive preference in state employment. 

Motor Services For Tennessee Veterans

You can claim an additional veteran benefit if you have a valid military commercial driver’s license. The state of Tennessee will waive your first skills test when you apply for a comparable commercial license from the state. This can take much of the burden off of those interested in commercial driving work upon their return. 

Furthermore, disabled veterans can claim a free disabled decal for their vehicles. 

There are over twenty specialty license plates available to veterans in the state of Tennessee. Reach out to the Tennessee Department of Revenue for assistance in claiming your plates. 

Veteran Dependent Education Benefits

If you are the child of a veteran killed in action, you may be eligible for the full cost of tuition at Tennessee State Colleges. This also applies to those with a parent who died due to war injuries.

You must be under the age of twenty-three to claim this benefit.

This benefit includes the 40 state and technical colleges in the state. These schools cover over 400 programs that can lead to practical employment. State academic institutions are also included. 

Recreation Benefits For Tennessee Veterans

Veterans interested in camping can claim a discounted rate in Tennessee state parks between November 1st and March 31st each year. The discount is 50 percent off the base rate, which varies by site and does not include premium sites. 

Veterans with 100 percent disability status or 30% disability due to war service can receive a free hunting and fishing license in the state of Tennessee. There is an initial fee of $10.00 that will cover the cost for the life of the veteran. 

On Veteran’s Day (November 11th, annually), resident veterans can camp and golf at state campgrounds and golf courses for free. You will still be responsible for additional fees, such as cart rentals. If camping, only the state will waive one night’s fee. 

Veterans Cemeteries in Tennessee

There are five dedicated veterans cemeteries in the state of Tennesse. They are in Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville, and Parkers Crossroads. Interment is available for veterans and their immediate families (spouses and dependent children). 

Interment at these cemeteries is free of charge for veterans as long as they have not been dishonorably discharged. Generally, veterans with any other status are eligible. 

Interment for spouses and children of veterans will incur a small fee. 

Reserve and national guard members might also be eligible. They must meet specific requirements as determined by the state of Tennessee. As a general rule, those receiving pension or compensation from the VA will be eligible for interment.

Claim Your Tennessee Veteran Benefits

The veteran benefits in every state are constantly changing, and your Tennessee veteran benefits are no exception. We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the latest perks and privileges for Tennessee residents who have served. If you qualify, there is no reason why you should not claim your reward for your service with these Tennessee disabled veteran benefits.

If you are a disabled veteran, are you certain that your disability rating is correct? Our professionals at VetLink Solutions are here to assist you in ensuring that you will receive all of the benefits you deserve. Reach out today for a free evaluation with a Veteran medical benefits advisor.

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