Arkansas State Veteran Benefits: A Complete Guide

Arkansas Veteran Benefits

There are around 222,000 veterans living in Arkansas today. 

The United States is protected by these individuals that make sacrifices to serve their country. When they retire from active service, there are a host of benefits available to ease their reintegration into society. 

However, many people aren’t aware of all the Arkansas state veteran benefits they can claim. This article aims to ensure that no veteran or their families go without the help their entitled to. Here we’ll review all the veteran benefits that are available to the brave men and women that protect our country. 

Read on to find out more. 

Arkansas Veterans Home

There are two veteran’s homes in Arkansas state. They provide around-the-clock care for residents that need it. The locations are in Fayetteville and North Little Rock. 

These veteran homes are only suitable for those with physical nursing needs rather than veterans with psychological distress. 

The admission requirements are relatively strict. The criteria for admission include: 

  • The veteran has no criminal record
  • The veteran was honorably discharged
  • They are an Arkansas resident 
  • Have a medical requirement for a nursing home 
  • Spouses and Gold Star Parents may also apply

Although anyone is welcome to apply, veterans are assessed on a case-by-case basis. It’s essential to gather all the relevant evidence and endorsements before making the application. 

Arkansas Veteran Financial Benefits

Managing finances is one of the most challenging tasks for many veterans. Settling back into everyday life is difficult enough without the added pressure of making money. 

The state of Arkansas offers several considerable financial veteran benefits for those in need. 

Personal Property Tax Exemption

The VA awards monthly compensation for veterans that lose limbs or eyesight, or receives 100% permanent disability. Anyone that receives these benefits is also exempt from paying property tax. 

This benefit also extends to spouses if the veteran dies in the line of duty, died from service-connected causes, or went missing in action. 

The process for claiming the property tax exemption can be complicated for those that aren’t trained in tax law. Although it’s possible to get these benefits, it’s advised to hire an advisor to help with processing these claims. 

Income Tax

Veterans also get significant tax breaks. Any money they earn during active duty is tax-free. Veterans also don’t pay any tax on retired pay or SBP payments.

Arkansas Veteran Hiring Preference

Getting veterans back into employment is one of Arkansas’s main priorities. Therefore, a fundamental veteran benefit in the state is the hiring preference scheme. 

Any veteran that’s honorably discharged after a minimum of six years of service receives a five-point advantage on the state hiring exams. They must first pass these hiring exams, then their points advantage will be added. If a veteran is disabled, they and their spouse can get an advantage of ten points. 

Arkansas Education Benefits

Many veterans gave up their right to education at the traditional time when they enlisted for military service. However, the state of Arkansas offers education benefits for the dependents of certain veterans so that they can continue learning regardless of their home-life situation. 

Free Tuition for Dependents

Any dependent or spouse of a veteran that was killed in action, became a prisoner of war, were declared missing, or left totally disabled, can apply for tuition waivers. 

The Military Dependents Scholarship means that these dependents and spouses can receive free school tuition, fees, and boarding at any public college, tech institute, and university in Arkansas. 

Arkansas Veteran Recreation Benefits

Although practical, financial, and educational benefits are always well received, many veterans enjoy certain recreational perks too.

There are recreational vet benefits provided by the state of Arkansas and additional benefits offered by chain stores and corporations across the country. 

Discounted Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Any veteran that is over the age of 60 and classed as 100% disabled can get discounted hunting and fishing licenses if they’re an Arkansas resident. However, if they want additional special stamps, they must be purchased at the regular price. 

Active Duty Hunting & Fishing Licenses

When military members are stationed in Arkansas, they get a certain amount of leave to take up recreational activities. Hunting and fishing licenses are typically very expensive for non-residents. However, active-duty members that are temporarily stationed in Arkansas can purchase a permit at the typical resident rate. 

Again, if they want special stamps and endorsements, it will cost the regular price. 

Arkansas State Parks

Veterans can claim a 50% on access to any Arkansas state park if they are 100% permanently disabled and an Arkansas resident. 

Arkansas State Veteran Cemeteries

Veterans from Arkansas can choose to be buried in one of two cemeteries. Either in North Little Rock or Birdeye. 

All veterans (other than those that were dishonorably discharged) can have a burial at no cost. Spouses and dependents must pay $300 per burial but can opt for a burial alongside the veteran.  

Arkansas State Veteran Benefits Explained

As a resident of Arkansas, there are many types of benefits available to help you. Veteran care is a critical way of saying thank you to the men and women that serve the USA. Comparatively to other states, there are fewer benefits available to Arkansas residents. However, professional services can ensure you get everything available as a veteran. 

At VetLink Solutions, we help all veterans and their families. We know how to submit successful claims to the VA and get Arkansas state veteran benefits approved.

You can learn more about the benefits you’re due as a veteran with us. Why not contact us today for a free evaluation by a veteran benefits advisor?

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