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VetLink is a group of service-disabled veterans that have been through the Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) process. We connect veterans with licensed medical providers that share our mission, which is to help Veterans obtain the benefits they are due. As time passes, many Veterans’ disabilities, and the effect those disabilities have on everyday life, may increase. Most Veterans seeking an increase in their disability rating due to these worsening symptoms may not have the knowledge and/or resources to file a proper claim. This is where VetLink Solutions bridges the gap for our fellow Veterans.

No, the VA makes the final ruling on all claims submitted. If your service-connected disabilities warrant an increase and your Disability Benefits Questionnaire(s) (DBQ’s) are completed correctly, there is a higher probability your ruling will be favorable. We will provide best-in-class service and know how to help you supply a quality submission to the VA, however, VetLink Solutions cannot make any promises or guarantees.

VetLink Solutions uses licensed medical providers. We charge a fee, similar to the fees charged by private healthcare groups. However, we provide no risk, no obligation consultations to Veterans who want to see where they stand.

Yes, give us a call at (623) 562-3358 for more information.

Yes, VetLink’s Solutions can only assist our Veterans with their Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) and medical evaluations. Veterans must submit their own claims to the VA. VSO’s can assist you with the submission process, in addition to, mailing your claim to the VA, or e-filing on the eBenefits website.

VetLink Solutions is not affiliated with the Veterans Administration in any way. Our providers are licensed independent medical practitioners who understand the claims process. VA medical providers are contracted and appointed by the Veterans Administration. Generally, they are inundated with patients and in most cases are unable to give the detailed level of attention needed to properly review a claim. Many Veterans are unsatisfied with the claims process when utilizing VA appointed doctors, which usually results in refiling claims or lengthy appeals.

If you have an open appeal with the VA, you will have to wait until a decision has been made on your claim.

Yes, we work with accredited agents and attorneys. Please note that Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQ’s) must be completed and signed by a licensed medical provider. Accredited agents and attorneys cannot give medical advice or sign disability questionnaires.

You have the right to work with the licensed medical provider of your choice. VetLink’s licensed medical providers understand the VA disability claim process and how to work with Veterans to complete their Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ). Most PCP’s do not have the required skillset to properly complete a DBQ.

Vetlink is able to assist Veterans world-wide with increasing their service-connected disabilities. We have helped veterans in all 50 states.

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