Georgia State Veteran Benefits

Georgia Veteran Benefits

There are over 609,000 military veterans living in Georgia today. 

These brave men and women have dedicated their lives and made huge sacrifices to protect the freedom of the United States. However, reintegration into society isn’t easy for these individuals. 

There are several Georgia state veteran benefits available for residents that have served in active duty. Unfortunately, they aren’t always well publicized. Here, we’ll review all of the benefits available to veterans living in Georgia. 

Read on to find out more. 

Georgia Veterans Home

There are two veterans homes in Georgia – one in Augusta and the other in Milledgeville. Any veteran that was honorably discharged and has a medical need is welcome to apply. 

The Georgia veterans homes charge a daily fee, and veterans can apply for the Federal Aid and Attendance Benefit to help with this cost. However, veterans with 70% of more disability do not have to pay this cost. 

Georgia Veterans Financial Benefits

The state of Georgia recognizes that reintegrating into society isn’t always easy for veterans, least of all when they have financial worries. There are several financial veterans benefits in Georgia that you can claim. 

Exemption from Property Tax

There are tax breaks available for many veterans and their families. If a veteran is classed as 100% disabled or gets VA disability benefit due to losing limbs or sight, they may be exempt from paying property tax. 

Additionally, if a veteran dies while on active duty, their surviving spouse may take on this exemption. However, this ends when they remarry. 

The maximum property tax exemption varies each year. It’s currently around $85,000, but you should check with the county tax assessor or veteran advisor for an exact figure. 

Vehicle Tax Exemption

Any veterans that are permanently 100% disabled do not have to pay vehicle tax on personal vehicles. Additionally, veterans who receive VA disability benefits for losing limbs or eyesight don’t have to pay this tax. 

License Fees & Special Taxes

One of the Georgia veteran benefits that isn’t provided in many states is the option for reduced license fees and special tax exemptions. 

These veterans can get a certificate that grants them a special exemption from all occupation tax, administrative fees, regulatory fees for conducting business over a ten-year period. 

To qualify for these veteran care services, the applicant must have a VA disability score of at least 10% and receive an honorable discharge. 

Free Drivers License

Another veteran benefit that Georgia awards is a free driver’s license. However, this isn’t given to every veteran. 

Successful applicants will have been honorably discharged or a member of the National Guard for over twenty years. 

However, if the applicant is too disabled to drive a vehicle, their spouse can obtain the driver’s license on their behalf. Equally, if the veteran dies in action, the spouse is still eligible, provided they do not remarry. 

Georgia Veterans Employment Benefits

Getting veterans back to work is one of the best ways to support them reintegrating into society. The state of Georgia provides several veteran programs to assist with employment after service. 

Veterans Employment Preference

Any veteran that seeks state employment after service can receive a 5 point credit after passing state exams. If the veteran has a VA disability score of 10% or more, they’ll be given a 10 point preference. 

Georgia is one of the most generous states regarding employment preference. 

Business Licenses

Some veterans are exempt from paying occupational taxes and other related fees for conducting business. Veterans must have been honorably discharged and have 10-25% disability scores to qualify for this benefit. 

However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis, and not every applicant will receive this benefit. 

Firefighter Qualification

Georgia is one of the only states that accept military firefighter training for the full-time and part-time volunteer firefighters in the state. 

This allows veterans to partake in flexible, voluntary work but still know that they’re making a difference and saving lives. 

Georgia Veteran Recreation Benefits

As important as getting veterans back on their feet with practical measures, recreational activities are also important. Veterans in Georgia can apply for a range of recreational perks after service. 

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Veterans

Veterans from Georgia receive a free hunting and fishing license for one year after service. Following that, they are eligible for a 20% discount provided they were honorably discharged. 

Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Permanently & Totally Disabled Veterans

The hunting and fishing license allowance changes for veterans that are totally disabled. These veterans receive a long-term discounted sportsmans license. 

Reduced State Park Admission Fees for Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans in Georgia can apply for a discount card that gets them a 25% discount on entrance to any GA state parks and historical sites. The only prerequisite is that they must be honorably discharged and reside in Georgia. 

Georgia State Veterans Cemeteries

There are two Georgia veteran cemeteries, one in Milledgeville and the other in Glennville. 

As long as a veteran didn’t receive a dishonorable discharge, they are eligible for free burial in either of these cemeteries. 

Georgia State Veteran Benefits Explained

This guide shows many benefits available for both active-duty members and veterans.

Veteran care is a critical way of saying thank you to those that serve the USA and protect its citizens. 

The Georiga state veteran benefits are under constant review, and at VetLink Solutions, we’re here to help. We can make successful claims on your behalf to the VA to get the benefits you’re entitled to. 

You can find out more about benefits for veterans by talking to us. Contact us today for a free evaluation with a veteran benefits advisor. 

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