Iowa State Veteran Benefits

Iowa Veteran Benefits

The State of Iowa offers special benefits and other privileges to qualified veterans, spouses, and dependents. Read through to get more information about Iowa State Veteran Benefits

Financial Benefits

Income Tax

SBP payments, Active duty, and retired pay are tax-free. 

Property Tax Exemptions

If you have a home, you can reduce the assessed home value by $1,852 to get a lesser tax. To become eligible for this benefit, the member must have served on active duty in a war period or at least 18 months. 

Homestead Tax Credit

Veterans who are 100 percent disabled and receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation get 100 percent property tax exemption. 

Military Homeowner Grant 

You can get a $5,000 grant if you’re a qualified service member on active duty on or after Sept 11, 2001. Surviving spouses may be eligible for this grant if they purchased a home after March 10, 2005. Service members that served for at least 90 days between Aug 2, 1990, and April 6, 1991, may also qualify for this benefit. 

Work with a participating lender to take advantage of the grant. To qualify, you may also need to show military discharge paperwork and Earnings statements. 

Trust Fund

Iowa State maintains a multi-million trust fund to help offset the financial challenges of qualified veterans due to unemployment and underemployment. Eligible veterans and their family members receive a hearing, dental services, vision care and prescription drugs. 

They may also cover housing and vehicle repairs, and counseling. Payments are need-based, and the qualified veteran’s on-hand cash can’t exceed $15,000.

Injured Veterans Grant

Military members on active duty and qualifying discharged veterans injured in a combat operation after Sept 11, 2001, may receive a grant of up to $10,000. This benefit is given so that family members can help the veteran recover from the injury. 

How grants are paid:

  • $2,500 after evacuation from the combat zone
  • $2,500 30 days after the evacuation and if the member is still in the hospital, receiving treatment or rehabilitation
  • $2,500 after 60 days and if the member is still in the hospital and getting treatment
  • $2,500 after 90 days and if the member is still in the hospital

Housing Benefits

IFA FirstHome Mortgage Program

The IFA FirstHome Mortgage Program is open to veterans buying a home that offers lower interest rates, lower fees and is not affected by your credit score. Those qualified veterans will only need a 3 percent downpayment. 

IFA Home of Iowans

This program is similar to the FirstHome Mortgage Program, including the requirements. The only difference is that it’s open for first-time buyers and repeat borrowers.

Home Ownership Assistance

You can get a $5,000 grant when you’re buying a home in Iowa. To quality, members must have served after Sept 11, 2001, at least 90 days between Aug 2, 1990, and Apr 6, 1991, and bought a home after March 10, 2005.

Veterans Home

The Iowa State Veterans Home is in Marshalltown, Iowa, and it provides long-term care for all qualifying members without a dishonorable discharge. Spouses and dependents may qualify so long as they meet the admission requirements. 

The applicants may also qualify for admission to a VA Medical Center if the spouse is married to the veteran at least a year before they apply. They must also meet the residency requirements provided by the state of Iowa. 

The facility is equipped with a nursing home-style care, an infirmary and domiciliary care. Services include dental, medical, podiatry, nursing, psychology, audiology, pharmacy, optometry, etc. 

Employment Benefits

You are eligible for hiring preference for a state job if you’re a veteran, including Guard and Reserve members with at least 20 years of service after the 28th of January, 1973. Disabled veterans or those receiving pensions are also eligible for this benefit. However, proof of service should be submitted, such as VA award letters or discharge paperwork. 

Home Base Iowa is a program intended to help veterans looking for career opportunities to Iowa-based agencies and job resources. You can post resumes on the Home Base Iowa official site or apply as a small business. Employers can also recommend qualified veterans to increase their chances of getting hired. 

Commercial Driver’s License Waiver

Veterans with recent experience driving a large military truck may qualify for an Iowa state commercial driver’s license without participating in the driving test. The only requirement is that you must have legally operated a similar commercial motor vehicle for at least two years before applying for the license. 

Education Benefits

Active duty military members, their spouses, and dependents can get in-state tuition rates. Current military members should provide their military card or a copy of a PCS order. For dependents, they should furnish the military ID card, their parents’ current orders along with tax returns. The spouses should provide their husbands’ ID cards or current PCS orders and marriage certificates. 

Domestic partners may also become eligible if they can provide the same documentation as the spouses, including a domestic partnership certificate. 

Members of Guard and Reserve can qualify for this benefit if they are assigned to a unit in Iowa must have completed basic training or at least a year. Additional documentation may be needed, including the following:

  • Current military orders
  • Enlistment or Reenlistment document

Iowa State Recreational Benefit

Veterans that are VA-rated can apply for a fishing and lifetime hunting license for only $7. However, he must be residing in Iowa and has a VA-rated disability from his active duty service. 

Burial Benefits

The veteran cemetery in Iowa is located west of Des Moines in Adel. Qualified veterans get the burial benefits with no fees. To be eligible, he must not be discharged as Dishonorable, and he has died on active duty or has served at least 20 years in the Reserves or National Guard. 

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