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Korean Era Vet benefits

About the War

When over 750,000 communist armed forces wearing the North Korean uniform invaded their Southern neighbors, they unleashed a devastating war that felt as if it were a war against communism itself. Within days, American troops stepped into the war in support of South Korea. “If we let Korea down,” President Harry Truman said, “the Soviet[s] will keep right on going and swallow up one [place] after another.” It took three years of negotiations to finally stop the bloodshed, costing almost 40,000 Americans their lives and another 100,000 left to come back home wounded.

Injuries sustained

When the war was over and it was time to come back home, thousands of Americans were left with a wide variety of injuries and disabilities. From extreme cold injuries, radiation exposure and ionizing radiation exposure, asbestos exposure, noise, vibration, and an organic chlorine compound called PCBs that was largely used as a dielectric and coolant fluids in electrical items, these were just a handful of things that Korean War vets had to endure. Many soldiers suffered through temperatures well below zero, while others were later diagnosed with cancers and other health issues that have been linked to the radiation and chemical exposure in Korea.

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Find out if you qualify for an increase in your Veteran Benefits:

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