Maine State Veteran Benefits

Maine Veteran Benefits

The veteran population in Maine currently sits at over 100,000 people. Whether you have just left the military or retired years ago, the state of Maine recognizes and appreciates your service.

However, this recognition isn’t always enough to ease your transition back into civilian life. In fact, 44% of veterans struggle with this transition. 

Fortunately, Maine State Veteran Benefits are in place to support you during this time. These benefits can help you get back on your feet and into society after leaving the military. So what are you waiting for?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the state of Maine’s veteran benefits.

Maine Veterans Housing Benefits 

A stable home environment provides invaluable support for veterans returning to civilian life. Because of this, Maine has brilliant housing benefits for active members of the military and veterans. 

Veteran Homes

There are six state-run homes across Maine for veterans. These provide assisted living and excellent care for their residents. Honorably discharged veterans, their spouses, and surviving spouses are eligible for a space in these homes.

Veteran Home Loans

If you are planning to buy a home then you could be eligible for a 0.25% discount on your mortgage if you buy through the Salute Home Again program. This offer is available to active military members, retirees, and veterans.

Veteran Tax Exemptions

Tax exemptions are one of the best financial benefits for veterans living in Maine.

The state does not tax any military pay that you earn out-of-state. You also do not have to pay tax on retirement or SBP payments.

On top of this, you may be eligible for a $6,000 property tax exemption if you are a Maine veteran who:

  • Is over the age of 62 and served during wartime
  • Receives 100% VA disability
  • Has a service-related disability

Surviving spouses may also be eligible for this $6,000 property tax exemption. If you are a paraplegic veteran then you may be entitled to a property tax exemption of up to $50,000.

Free Vehicle Registration

It can be difficult to get around if you are living with a service-related disability. This is why Maine offers disabled veterans free vehicle registration and drivers’ license renewal. You also won’t have the pay the title fee for your vehicle.

Emergency Financial Assistance for Veterans 

Facing a financial crisis can have a huge impact on your emotional well-being and long-term stability. These crises can include: 

  • Damage to your home as a result of a natural disaster or fire
  • Illness of yourself or a family member that results in loss of income
  • Situations that block your access to food, shelter, or safety (including homelessness)

If you are facing one of these crises then you could receive up to $2,000 in financial assistance from the state.

Veteran Employment Preference

If you are interested in getting employed by the state then being a veteran will work in your favor.

Maine offers 5 point preferences to honorably discharged veterans. The state also offers 10 point preferences to disabled veterans. So bear this in mind when you start looking for work!

Maine State Veteran Benefits for Education 

When you leave the military, you may not be sure what to do next. Or you might need more training to find a career that you enjoy. Maine’s education benefits will help you do just that!

State of Maine Guard Tuition Assistance

If you are a member of Maine’s National Guard then schools in the University of Maine and the Community College Systems will waive their fees for you. This includes the Maine Maritime Academy training college. 

Maine Dependents Education Benefits Program 

The state of Maine is also committed to supporting children of deceased or disabled veterans. Because of this, they will waive tuition and school fees for these children.

To qualify for this support, the children must have lived in the state of Maine for five years. They have to continue living in Maine while they receive their educational support.

Recreational Benefits in Maine 

Of course, practical support isn’t all that you need when you are readjusting to civilian life. Because of this, Maine offers great recreational benefits to encourage veterans to get out in nature.

These include: 

  • Free or discounted hunting and fishing licenses for disabled veterans
  • Free admission to Maine’s state parks
  • Free hunting and fishing licenses for active-duty members who are stationed in Maine

So if you are looking to get back out into nature, Maine will help you do this without spending a penny!

Burial Benefits for Veterans in Maine

When a close friend or member of your family dies, this can take a huge emotional toll. However, death also comes with some unfortunate financial costs as well. In fact, a funeral service and burial can cost over $7,000.

If you are a military veteran who has received anything other than a dishonorable discharge, you do not have to worry about these costs in Maine. Maine has four Veteran Memorial Cemeteries in Caribou, Augusta, and Springvale. These offer free burial to veterans and their dependents.

While this might not be something you want to think much about now, it can provide valuable financial relief for your loved ones in the future. So make sure you let them know about this benefit.

Make the Most of Maine’s Veterans’ Benefits Today

Maine State Veteran Benefits can offer invaluable support as you transition back into civilian life. So don’t be afraid to use them! 

If you would like to know more about medical benefits for veterans in the US, book a free evaluation with our expert advisor today. We’re here to help you get the support you need.

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