Montana State Veteran Benefits Every Veteran Should Know

Montana Veteran Benefits

A 2019 poll indicated that 11.7 million veterans are over the age of 65. This is approximately 61% of all veterans– veterans who likely aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits available to them because of their veteran status. 

Your time as a servicemember grants you access to benefits not available to most civilians. Learning the extent of these benefits as quickly as possible ensures your ability to save money, time, and to enjoy your time after (or during) active duty service. 

Does Montana have veteran benefits? Absolutely! Read on to learn about how to best utilize your Montana state veteran benefits. 

Veteran Housing Benefits in Montana

Affordable housing can be difficult to find in the state of Montana, especially as the state population grows with the influx of new residents. Qualifying veterans can rest assured knowing they have housing benefits on hand once they require skilled care. 

Montana veterans’ homes are located in the cities of Columbia Falls and Glendive. If you are an honorably discharged veteran who requires skilled care, you may begin the admission process. 

Spouses may also be admitted on a space-available basis. Qualifying residents then pay based on their ability.

Veteran Financial Benefits in Montana

Your veteran status allows you to receive tax benefits and additional relief when you need it the most. Come tax season, make sure you’re receiving your biggest tax break. 

Income Tax Benefits

Unlike most federal income tax rates (between 10% and 37% depending on your qualifying tax bracket), certain servicemembers can expect a tax break on their active duty or reserve pay. Active duty and reserve or guard pay is tax-free.

Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption Information

You may be exempt from paying property tax on your home if you are an honorably discharged and 100% disabled veteran. Confirm your eligibility, as income limits may apply. 

If you are an unmarried, surviving spouse, you may also be eligible for this benefit. 

The Montana Military Family Relief Fund

For military families with active-duty family members, the cost of food, housing, utilities, medical services, and other expenses can become difficult when a contributing family member must leave a civilian salary to be placed on active military duty. The Montana Military Family Relief Fund provides monetary grants to military families who on or after April 28, 2007, are on active duty for federal service in a contingency operation. 

This fund grants up to $2,000 for family members of Montana National Guard or Reserve members who: 

  • Are MT residents
  • Have served under federal contingency orders for at least 30 consecutive days
  • Whose pay grade is no higher than O-3 or W-3

There are several types of grants available, depending on the applicant. These grants may be casualty-based or need-based. 

Veteran Employment Benefits in Montana

On the job hunt? State jobs and certain licenses may benefit from your veteran status. 

Candidate Scoring

If applying for a government job in the state of Montana, expect to receive an additional 5 points added to your scoring of a candidate test. If you are a disabled veteran, 10 points will be added to your scoring. 

If you are a spouse or non-married surviving spouse, you may also qualify for this benefit. 

CDL Waiver

Let your experience as an active duty member or veteran with military motor vehicle experience benefit your current job search. 

Active duty members and veterans who are licensed to drive and once drove a military motor vehicle equivalent to a commercial vehicle can potentially have the skills portion of the CDL test waived.

Please keep in mind while the skills portion may be waived, written tests cannot be waived.

Education Benefits in Montana

If you are going back to school and have exhausted your GI Bill benefits, know that there are other funding options available for veterans. If you find that you meet the criteria, apply for any of these two Montana-specific waivers. 

Tuition Waiver for Honorable Discharges

If you are a Montana resident veteran with an honorable discharge who served during wartime and received a campaign or expeditionary medal, you may qualify for a tuition waiver for honorable discharges. This waiver covers 100% of tuition for any in-state college or university. To qualify, you must have used up your federal GI Bill benefits. 

The Montana War Orphan Tuition Waiver

If you are a child of a parent who was killed in action or died as a direct result of a service injury or disease, you may apply for the Montana War Orphan Tuition Waiver. This tuition waiver covers 100% of the cost of resident tuition for any in-state college or university. 

Veteran Recreational Benefits in Montana

Take full advantage of your veteran status while applying for hunting or fishing licenses. Additionally, enjoy discounted admission to one of the many state parks that Montana has to offer. 

Discounted Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Did you know that disabled Montana veterans are eligible for discounted fishing and hunting licenses? Find more information with the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department for more application information. 

Additionally, if you are an active duty non-resident living in the state, you and your family can purchase fishing and hunting licenses at the resident rate. 

Discounted State Park Admission

Enjoy discounted campsites and amenities at state parks. Check with park officials to receive your veteran discount. 

Veteran Cemeteries in Montana

Montana veteran benefits may extend to planning in the event of your death or a spouse’s death. There is a small charge for burial in one of three veterans’ cemeteries in the state of Montana: 

  • Helena
  • Missoula
  • Miles City

Non-residents may qualify for cemetery admission. 

Take Advantage Of Your Montana State Veteran Benefits

VetLink Solutions works to make a difference in the quality of life of our nation’s Veterans. We provide our expertise free of charge and obligation until the case is reviewed and a future path is outlined for the veteran seeking help. Veterans are never charged a fee unless they receive a benefit from our services.

For more guidance on Montana state veteran benefits and other services, register for a free evaluation. Your medical benefits advisor will analyze the specific details of your case to see where you stand.

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