Nevada State Veteran Benefits

Nevada Veteran Benefits

There are around 211,000 veterans currently living in Nevada; this equates to about nine percent of the local adult population. Although most reside in Clark and Washoe Counties, there are veterans all over Nevada.

Life after active duty isn’t always easy, but every veteran can claim certain Nevada state veteran benefits to help them reintegrate into society after serving. From practical support to recreational perks, there is something to suit every veteran at every age. 

Unfortunately, the process for claiming these benefits isn’t always straightforward. Many veterans don’t have the time or resources to research what they’re entitled to. 

In this article, we’ll simplify the process by reviewing the different types of veteran benefits and the eligibility criteria. Read on to find out more.

Nevada Veteran Homes

Elderly and disabled veterans that require skilled nursing care can reside in a home in Boulder City or Sparks. 

Spouses and Gold Star parents are also eligible for admission in some cases, but there is a cost for care.

Nevada Veteran Financial Benefits 

When veterans return home, it’s essential to help them financially; some veterans are unable to work, unable to find steady employment, and sometimes they return to debt that needs repaying.

Nevada provides certain tax exemptions for veterans to ease the financial stress of moving home. If they’re killed in action, a surviving spouse can usually claim on their behalf.

Veterans Tax Exemption

Any Nevada resident with wartime service can get an exemption from either vehicle privilege tax or real property tax. The exact amount in this exemption can vary. Alternatively, they can donate the exempted tax to the Veterans’ Home Account. 

Veterans should contact the local county assessor to obtain the value they’re entitled to. 

Disabled Veteran Tax Exemption

All 60 percent or more disabled veterans can claim a property tax exemption. They must have an honorable discharge and a service-connected disability. If a service member dies in action, their spouse can sometimes claim the benefit on their behalf. 

The tax exemption can either be used on vehicle tax or a property. The amount can vary, so veterans should contact their county assessor or local veteran advisor for the exact figure. 

Sales Tax Holiday

National Guard members in Nevada can benefit from a sales tax exemption on the Nevada Day holiday. This sales tax exemption lasts three days around the holiday. Immediate family members also qualify for this tax holiday. 

Nevada Veteran Employment Preference 

Veterans with an other-than-dishonorable discharge are eligible for an additional 10-point preference on any state employment exam. National Guard members can receive five points. 

Additionally, qualified disabled veterans have a guaranteed interview, and non-disabled veterans must make up at least 22 percent of the total interviews for open state jobs. 

Surviving spouses of active-duty members killed in action can get 10 points; other surviving spouses are granted five points. 

Nevada Veteran Education Benefits 

Nevada is one of the most generous states in terms of educational benefits. Many veterans sacrifice the opportunity to pursue further academic education when they enlist. However, they and their families can get veteran benefits in Nevada to help them retrain when they return home. 

Fee Waiver for National Guard Members and Family

National Guard members and their dependents can claim tuition and laboratory fee waivers while studying at a Nevada university. They must remain an active member of the guard throughout their education. 

If a National Guard member is killed in the line of duty, this benefit is transferred to their child or surviving spouse. A child must use it within ten years of turning 18, and a surviving spouse must use it within ten years of the deceased’s death. 

Tuition Waiver for Purple Heart Recipients

Any veteran with a Purple Heart can claim free tuition at any state school. They do not have to be a resident in Nevada to receive this benefit. 

Grant-In-Aid For The Family Of A Member Killed In The Line-of-Duty

All dependents of a person killed in the line of duty in Nevada can apply for a tuition grant. If granted, this does not have to be repaid. 

Nevada Veteran Recreation Benefits 

As important as it is to help veterans financially and practically, Nevada also offers recreation benefits. Veterans can enjoy a range of hunting, fishing, and state park allowance. 

Hunting & Fishing For Active Duty Members And Veterans

The Wildlife Division of Nevada offers discounts on hunting and fishing licenses for all 50 percent or more disabled veterans that were honorable discharged. Active duty members can also get a discounted license to use while stationed outside of Nevada or home on leave. 

State Park Admission

Any veterans that are honorably discharged and have a disability of more than 10 percent can enjoy free entrance to all state parks. This includes camping and boat launching. 

Nevada State Veterans Cemeteries 

Veterans that live in Nevada can choose to have a burial at either Fernley or Boulder City cemetery. They do not pay for the plot, vault, or the opening and closing of the gravesite. 

Spouses and dependents can also be buried in these cemeteries for a small fee. 

Nevada State Veteran Benefits Explained

The state of Nevada provides a range of benefits for veterans to help both in good and hard times.

There’s no downside to claiming Nevada state veteran benefits; each and every veteran deserves this compensation after the sacrifices they made to protect the USA.

If you’re a veteran or a veteran’s family, make sure you’re getting everything you need and are entitled to. Why not contact us at VetLink Solutions for a free evaluation with a veteran advisor?

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