North Carolina State Veteran Benefits: What You Need to Know

North Carolina Veteran Benefits

Knowing North Carolina’s state benefits for veterans in the Armed Forces of the United States of America can help you determine what you are eligible to receive. These NC vet benefits can include employment, tax, recreation, and other benefits.

Read on to learn the North Carolina state veteran benefits you need to know.

Veteran Housing

Depending on preference or disability, there are housing benefits that a veteran can find in North Carolina. These options include veteran’s homes or home mortgage programs.

Veterans Homes

North Carolina runs and maintains four veteran’s homes across the state. These veteran homes include full-service nursing homes or assisted care for honorably discharged with a qualifying need.

To gain admission into a veterans home requires a referral from a physician and at least two years of North Carolina state residence.

These facilities are in Fayetteville, Salisbury, Kinston, and Black Mountain of North Carolina.

NC Home Advantage Mortgage Program

This mortgage program, although not built for veterans may still be helpful.

As an income-based program, the Home Advantage Mortgage Program provides down payment assistance in the form of zero interest. Approved applicants may be able to claim up to 50% of the mortgage interest for a tax credit up to $2,000.

Tax Benefits

Veterans in North Carolina may receive financial benefits through tax breaks or exemptions. Here are the primary tax benefits for North Carolina veterans.

Income Taxes

After five years of credible military service after 1989, all military retirement income is tax-exempt. You will need to include this exemption when filing your taxes.

Property Taxes

Permanently disabled veterans with an honorable discharge are eligible for a tax break in property taxes. As determined by the VA, an eligible veteran must be 100% disabled. In this case, you may receive up to a $45,000 deduction in your home’s assessed value for property taxes.

Benefits for Employment

The North Carolina government is one of the largest employers of veterans and their family members.

Veterans Preference

Wartime veterans have employment preference in the state government in North Carolina. Spouses of disabled veterans and surviving spouses of disabled veterans may also be eligible for this employment preference.

The level of this preference may depend on the job itself or the nature of the role. Make sure to contact the HR department of the NC government agency in which you wish to apply. 

You can also receive free evaluation from a Veteran Medical Benefits Advisor to help determine your path forward with your veteran employment benefits.

Business Link North Carolina

The NC Department of Commerce works alongside the Business Link North Carolina (BLNC). This organization may provide you with free resources to assist you in starting your own business.

Disabled Veteran Outreach

You don’t have to navigate seeking employment alone. You may find career counseling, resume support, and employment resources through the North Carolina Department of Commerce. Through state Workforce Centers.

Education Benefits

Two primary benefits for education as a veteran may be available to you. These benefits include the Scholarship for Children of Wartime Veterans and the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP).

Scholarship for Children of Wartime Veterans

The Scholarship for Children of Wartime Veterans offers financial assistance to students over eight academic semesters. This scholarship has an eight-year time limit.

Requirements for eligibility for this scholarship include applicants under the age of 25 and a resident of North Carolina. The eligible veteran must be disabled or have served during wartime.

To apply for this scholarship, you must also be the natural or adopted child, if adopted before age 15, of an eligible veteran with North Carolina residency.

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program

If you are an active member of the North Carolina Air National Guard or Army, you may be eligible for tuition assistance. These funds are given based on availability and are subject to change from semester to semester.

Tuition Benefits for Out-Of-State GI Bill Users

Spouses and children of active service members may qualify for in-state tuition in North Carolina. This financial assistance may even be possible without reaching the twelve-month residency requirement for students who choose a state school using the GI Bill.

Veterans can also bypass this residency requirement and receive the in-state tuition rate rather than out-of-state tuition with the GI Bill.

Benefits for Veteran Recreation

When home on leave for thirty days or less from active duty, you do not need to obtain a fishing license. If active and stationed in North Carolina, you can purchase a hunting or fishing license at the NC resident rate.

Veterans, who are more than 50% disabled, can purchase hunting and fishing licenses at discounted rates. Proof of service may be required when applying and purchasing these licenses.

Burials and Memorials

State-run veteran cemeteries offer burials for eligible veterans and their spouses.

An honorable discharge is required when pursuing burial and memorial in one of the five Veteran Cemeteries in North Carolina. Residency may be a factor for qualification, as well.

These five cemeteries include:

  • Jacksonville
  • Black Mountain
  • Goldsboro
  • Spring Lake
  • Salisbury National Veterans Cemetery

Keep in mind that the Salisbury Nation Veterans Cemetery is a National Cemetery. So, there may be other regulations to consider.

Qualifying veterans face no fee for burial in a veteran cemetery. There may, however, be a fee for spouses, or in some cases, dependents.

North Carolina State Veteran Benefits to be Aware Of

North Carolina Veteran benefits can change, so contact us with your questions to learn about your benefits. Knowing your benefits can improve your quality of life, so make sure to seek appropriate veteran support.

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