North Dakota State Veteran Benefits

North Dakota Veteran Benefits

While serving in the military, were you dreaming of your home in The Peace Garden State? Now that you’re back, you have a life and future ahead of you in beautiful North Dakota. As a veteran with a disability, however, settling back into life in the Great Plains might be a bigger challenge than you anticipated.

Are you aware of the North Dakota State Veteran Benefits? These are a series of benefits offered by the state to ease disabled veterans back into life in their home state. Benefits include tax exemptions, educational opportunities, assistance with job placement, and more. 

Understanding North Dakota Veteran Benefits might be the first step toward a better quality of life after military service. We’ve created this veteran benefits guide to help you understand how to thrive after service, even with a disability. Keep reading to begin taking advantage of the many opportunities available for North Dakotan veterans today. 

Financial Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

Disabled veterans in North Dakota can claim a property tax exemption. Veterans can receive a tax credit ranging between $3,375 and $6,750, depending on disability status. You must have been honorably discharged, with a disability rating of at least 50%, to qualify for this special credit. 

Those veterans who receive adaptive housing from the VA due to disability can claim an additional tax exemption. This includes paraplegic veterans residing in the state. You will not need to pay any taxes on the first $120,000 of your property’s full value. 

Furthermore, North Dakota Veterans do not need to pay income tax on their active duty or retirement military pay. SBP payments are also tax-free in North Dakota. 

Veterans seeking loans can apply for up to $5,000 from the state. These loans have an 8% interest rate. You must have been a North Dakota resident for at least one year to qualify. 

Finally, residents who have recently separated from service can apply for unemployment insurance while job seeking. 

Employment Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

All residents must take a placement examination to qualify for municipal, county, or state government jobs in North Dakota. Applicants receive their placement based on how they score on the exam. Those with the highest scores receive the most efficient placement. 

While veterans must take the same exam as other applicants, they will automatically receive bonus points. All resident veterans will receive five additional points added to their score. Likewise, disabled veterans will receive a full ten additional points. 

Those with a minimum disability rating of 30% or greater receive absolute preference. This means, regardless of the score, their application goes to the top of the employment register. 

Veterans who need additional assistance with job placement can get help from Job Service North Dakota. Military spouses also qualify for this assistance. Many fellow veterans work for this organization, and they can help you put your military experience into a professional context. 

Education Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

Veterans seeking educational opportunities will find them in North Dakota. Foremost, veterans who may be preparing to enter a course of study can find help through the VET program. This fully-funded program will help veterans brush up on academic skills as they prepare to return to the classroom. 

Honorably discharged veterans, spouses, and dependents can claim free in-state tuition at all of North Dakota’s public universities.  North Dakota National Guard members can claim up to 35% tuition reimbursement at state colleges and universities. 

Recreation Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

North Dakota is a wonderful place to live if you love hunting and fishing. Veterans in the state can take advantage of discounted hunting and fishing licenses in the state.

Those with a disability rating of 50% or more may purchase a fishing license at the discounted rate of $5.00. Those with a 100% disability rating may purchase a combined general game, small game, habitat stamp, and fur-bearer license for $3.00. 

Active duty service members with a permanent residence in North Dakota can still receive perks. They may bypass the lottery and purchase a deer gun license for $30. They may also legally hunt all but big game without a license. 

POWs and resident disabled veterans (50% or higher) may claim a lifetime pass to all North Dakota State Parks. Those with a disability rating below 50% can purchase an annual permit for $28. You will need to show proof of disability to claim these benefits. 

Participating parks include:

  • Cross Ranch State Park
  • Little Missouri State Park
  • Pembina Gorge State Park
  • Sully Creek State Park
  • Turtle River State Park

Historic state parks and state lakes are also included. Thirteen of these state parks allow camping. 

Interment Benefits for North Dakota Veterans

There is one state veterans cemetery in North Dakota. It is in Mandan, ND. All eligible veterans and military spouses can receive internment at this cemetery for free. 

This benefit includes both a free plot and headstone. There are no specific residency requirements for burial in this cemetery. All honorably discharged veterans can come to rest in North Dakota. 

Claim Your North Dakota State Veteran Benefits

Reintegrating into life after service can be challenging, even without a service-related disability. These North Dakota State Veteran Benefits exist to make life simpler for affected veterans and their families. The disabled veterans’ benefits in particular can transform the lives of affected military vets. 

If you’re not sure if your current disability rating is accurate, VetLink Solutions can help. Our professionals offer a range of services to ensure that you receive necessary disabled veteran benefits. Contact us today to receive a free evaluation from a VetLink disability specialist. 

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