Northern Mariana Islands Veteran Benefits

Northern Mariana Island Veteran Benefits

Mission Statement

With decades of experience in the military and VA systems, VetLinks Solutions has developed a plan to help veterans with disabilities connect more easily.

The group aims are simple: reach out through social media networks for demographics on those who have been injured or ill-equipped so they can provide them resources tailored especially for what each individual needs; then match up these individuals’ needs with caring professionals nearby when necessary.
Free Evaluation

AVetLink Solutions offers a variety of services to help our veterans finally settle their claims. While we take pride in providing these free-of-charge and without obligation, it is important that you understand that there may be some outlay if the case has not already been resolved prior or during service with another organization such as the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). You can get yourself analyzed by a medical  specialist. The medical specialist can analyze aspects related specifically toward your situation. They can also determine how suited you are for benefits, especially if you have taken time off work due military duty. The benefits include both mental health concerns, including counseling sessions and GI Bill coverage which provides educational benefits based on time in service. If our services don’t match your requirements, we will be happy to refer you to some other sources for compensation of your security. 

Veteran Education Benefits

The Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands has a Public School System Leadership Corps program that helps veterans pursue education as their career. It is an established federal initiative requiring only two years’ service and high school diploma, with teachers aide training at the local college to allow them eventually reclassification into either instructor or classroom setting positions as per their desire. Program participants are allowed to take leave from work under the training-and-education leave from their current occupations and as a teacher aide to take classes at the Northern Marianas College. 

Employment Benefits for Veterans

The federal government offers several different training programs for veterans and active-duty personnel. One of these, the Priority of Service program, allows those who have served our country in a military capacity for one day or more to be eligible. This also extends past Reserve/National Guard units that are activated during times when we’ve been at war abroad so you can get quality service from your local unit too. This service does not apply to veterans that were discharged dishonorably. If you’re a veteran or family member with disabilities, then the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation’s (OVR) services may be able to help. They work closely in partnership between employers and individuals who are looking for accommodations so that they can identify funding which covers training costs related specifically toward jobs fitted into their disability profile. Money provided from the VA for abilities connected to services and pension is tax free. 

Financial Benefits for Veterans

Learn more about the financial benefits provided by VetLink Solutions:

Licence Plates

The United States Air Force, Army and Coast Guard veterans can get special vehicle licence plates through the BMV to signify their status as a veteran. The United States has a rich history of veterans who have served their country and deserve to be recognized for it. That’s why there are special licence plates available through the Baltimore City Motor Vehicle Administration that can show appreciation. Disability parking placards issued by physicians are also free to be added onto your car’s registration certificate. 

Transportation Services

COTA, the Call-A-Ride Program, offers transportation for veterans and current military members. The service operates during daytime hours starting at 6:30 am with shared rides on vans that have been equipped to accommodate people in wheelchairs. They also provide shared rides on mobility-equipped vans for veterans with disabilities or other medical conditions. Senior citizens aged 55+ can get discounted fares of $3 per ride.

Home Loan

NMHC helps veterans and their families get the mortgage they deserve. The NMHC team works hard to ensure that they provide eligible military members with an affordable and reliable home loan through our partnership with Veterans Affairs’ Native American Direct Loan program — a low-cost option for buying or refinancing your house. They offer loans much like those offered by VA, including a fixed rate 30 year mortgage without private insurance costs and requires no down payment. The Veterans Affairs Native American Direct Loan is a great option for veterans and their families looking to invest in housing.

Veterans Cemetery Benefits

The CNMI Office of Military/Veterans Affairs is responsible for coordinating with the Department of Veterans Affairs on mainland interments in their own veterans cemetery. They make sure that eligible vets are given proper honors and burials, which can include either an immediate family member or personal caregiver without any additional charges. 

Complete Review from Medical Provider

VetLink Solutions can help you with your claim for disability benefits. We have specialists who will review the information on our website and talk through what’s needed to prove the conditions that caused injury or disability, so we will know if it qualifies for compensation from our government. Our trained and compassionate medical providers will help you through the process, making sure to not miss a thing. 

Submit Your Claim to VetLink Solutions

At VetLink Solutions, we know how important it is to get the right disability benefits rating, which will help you with your daily life. That’s why we’ll walk you through everything step-by-step and make sure that when submitting a claim for Veterans Affairs, you find out what types of injuries or conditions qualify as being related. This would help give an accurate diagnosis so there is no surprise at payment time.

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