Ohio State Veteran Benefits

Ohio State Veteran Benefits

In 2021, reports showed roughly 19 million veterans in the United States. With such a large number of people, it’s essential to consider what kind of help they are getting.

Also, ex-military service members must know what their entitlements are. In particular, what they should be getting regarding Ohio State Veteran Benefits. 

Knowing that there is help out there for veterans and that benefits are waiting for them does provide reassurance. To this day, many veterans are not claiming benefits when they should be.

Meaning some veterans are without the help they need. These veterans may be the ones who need the most help.

Getting help is about knowing exactly where to find benefits and how veterans can get them for themselves.

So to learn about the military benefits available for veterans and how to get them, read on. 

What Kind of Ohio State Veteran Benefits Are There?

To start, let’s cover some of the available Veteran programs. If veterans see any benefits they feel eligible for; they can get more information here

Ohio Veterans Bonus Program

The Ohio Veterans Bonus program gives veterans up to $100 monthly for service in Afghanistan or $50 per month for service elsewhere. To be eligible, veterans must have served 90 days on or before October 7, 2001.

The Homestead Exemption Benefit

There is also a benefit called the Homestead exemption, which gives veterans who are 100% disabled various kinds of assistance, including financial help and tax-free benefits. The Homestead exemption helps veteran spouses too. 

Also, if a veteran was stationed out-of-state, their active duty pay may be tax-free. Their retirement pay, alongside their SBP pay, may also be free from tax.

Military Injury Relief Fund

Veterans may be eligible for the Military Injury Relief Fund, which is a fund that helps ex-service members who have PSTD. It would give them a one-time tax-free payment if they were a soldier who got injured after October 7, 2001, while on active duty. 

Veteran’s Service Commission 

Veterans may also get direct financial assistance from the Veteran’s Service Commission. It gives veterans in all of Ohio’s 88 counties financial help. They need to fill in an appropriate form for financial assistance.  

Ohio Home Loan Program

Another benefit that veterans may receive is the Ohio Home Loan program. It gives veterans one-quarter of a percent lower than the average interest rate on their home loans. The Ohio Finance Agency offers these low-interest rates.

More Benefits Veterans Are Eligible For

Besides receiving housing and some financial benefits, veterans may be eligible for Ohio’s Employment Benefits for veterans. Ohio’s employment benefits give veterans better opportunities in the workplace. 

Employment Benefits for Veterans

When it comes to completing exams, veterans get an extra 20 percent credit. Soldiers in the reserve or a guard member may also receive up to 15 percent in exam credits. 

Having extra exam credits can give veterans a competitive edge over people who apply for the same position. 

Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program

Some veterans may also be eligible for the Ohio National Guard Scholarship program.

This scholarship program lets guard members receive anywhere up to 96 educational credits. It gives them additional academic help when completing their undergraduate degrees at a participating Ohio school. 

The bad news is that if guard members already have a bachelor’s degree, they are not eligible.  

The schools that participate in the scholarship are in different locations across Ohio. So guard members can apply for the school which is closest to them. 

Ohio War Orphans Scholarship

Another benefit that veterans can apply for is the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship.

This scholarship is for residents of Ohio who have had a deceased or disabled veteran as their parent. Students must be enrolled as full-time undergraduates and studying for a bachelor’s degree or associate degree. 

The scholarship contributes funds for the degree. The funds can cover the degree for full-term time. However, amounts can vary from year to year. 

Ohio Veteran Recreation Benefits 

Ohio even provides benefits for active-duty soldiers too. The benefits Ohio provides for active-duty soldiers are there to help reduce costs for recreational activities. 

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Active-duty soldiers who are Ohio residents do not have to pay for hunting and fishing licenses while on leave. However, active-duty soldiers who are not residents of Ohio will have to pay the resident rate to obtain a hunting or fishing license. 

In addition, Ohio residents who are fully disabled may also receive a free hunting and fishing license. 

Discount at Ohio State Parks

To get a 10 percent discount at Ohio state parks, residents must be active duty military. However, military members may have to present identification to confirm eligibility for this. 

Those who are permanently disabled and fully disabled or POWs may also receive free admissions and stay at Ohio’s state parks. 

Burial and Cemetery Benefits

One other significant benefit that veterans receive is assistance with their burials. 

Veterans can request burial in a cemetery for Ohio’s soldiers and sailors. The cemetery is in Sandusky. To get permission for burial rights, veterans must clarify eligibility. 

How Veterans Can Check if They Are Eligible

After reading about Ohio State veteran benefits, veterans can see benefits that apply to them. There are many benefits, so it’s a great idea to explore all options.

Vet Link Solutions works hard to give veterans up-to-date information on their entitlements and benefits. 

So, if veterans want to see what other benefits they may be eligible for, or they have a question or query, they can click here now

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