Oklahoma State Veteran Benefits

Oklahoma Veteran Benefits

Now that you’ve arrived home to Oklahoma after serving, many things have changed. You might be seeking new employment, or looking to spend some time decompressing outdoors.

Did you know that disabled and non-disabled veterans can claim a range of Oklahoma state veteran benefits to help ease their transition?

State benefits are one way that the local government has found to make life easier for veterans in Oklahoma. You might not even have realized that military vets can receive preference when applying for state jobs, or low-cost admission to Oklahoma cultural institutions. In most cases, all military vets need to claim these benefits is a state military ID. 

In special cases, the spouses and families of veterans may be eligible for these benefits. Ultimately, they exist to make life easier for military families who reside in the state. 

You deserve an affordable, comfortable, stress-free life after the military. Continue reading to learn about the wonderful benefits for veterans and their families residing in the state of Oklahoma. 

Financial Benefits for Oklahoma Veterans

There are tremendous financial benefits for veterans who reside in the state of Oklahoma. Foremost, 100% of disabled veterans do not need to pay any property taxes in the state. 

In terms of income tax, all military pay is tax-free in the state of Oklahoma. Veterans are not responsible for the greater 75% of their Retirement pay and SBP payments. If they do not receive these, $10,000 is tax-free. 

Disabled veterans (with a 100% disability rating) are also exempt from paying Oklahoma state sales tax. 

You must register with the Oklahoma Veteran’s Registry to qualify for financial benefits from the state. 

Employment Benefits for Oklahoma Veterans

When seeking a state job, all applicants must take a test administered by the state. Veterans and surviving spouses will automatically receive five extra points added to their score on the exam. Disabled veterans will get an additional ten points added to their score. 

Disability status can also affect a veteran’s placement on the selection list. Any veteran with a 30% disability rating or higher will be automatically placed at the top of the list, in order of examination score. This will lead to faster job placement upon the veteran’s return to the workforce. 

Veterans who need assistance finding employment might visit a Workforce Oklahoma Center. There, they can meet with a Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialist (DVOPs). These professionals can help interested veterans find training and employment opportunities in the state. 

Veterans can also find help with testing and counseling at Workforce Oklahoma Centers throughout the state. 

Recreation Benefits for Oklahoma Veterans

Disabled veterans are eligible for discounted hunting and fishing licenses based on their disability rating. A disabled veteran with a disability of 60% or more can acquire a lifetime license for $25. Those with a disability rating of at least 30% can acquire a lifetime license for $200. 

100% disabled veterans can receive the following licenses for free:

  • Deer Gun Hunting 
  • Deer Archery Hunting
  • Primitive Firearms
  • Bonus Deer Gun Hunting
  • Special Deer Gun Hunting
  • Second Deer Gun Hunting

Active duty military and their families can purchase a state hunting and fishing license for the resident rate. 

Furthermore, all honorably discharged veterans can receive free admission to the museums and parks owned and operated by the state. 

Parks included in this benefit include:

  • Chickasaw (Sulphur, OK)
  • Forth Smith (Fort Smith, OK)
  • Oklahoma City National Memorial (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Santa Fe National Historic Trail 
  • Trail of Tears
  • Washita Battlefield (Cheyenne, OK)

You will need to present proof of service at the time of admission. A state driver’s license, state ID, or DD Form 214 are all acceptable. 

State Veterans’ Homes in Oklahoma 

There are seven veterans’ homes in the state of Oklahoma. You can find them in the following cities:

  • Ardmore
  • Claremont
  • Clinton
  • Lawton
  • Norman
  • Sulfur
  • Talihina

Admission is open to honorably discharged veterans in need of nursing care. Do note that there are fees associated with care at all seven homes.

Spouses of veterans may also receive care at state veterans’ homes in specific instances.  

Oklahoma Cross of Valor

Certain veterans may receive the Oklahoma Cross of Valor award. Veterans who were residents of Oklahoma upon entering service are eligible.

The service must have taken place during a war, campaign, battle, including WWII, the Korean Conflict, or The Republic of Vietnam Conflict. During that time, the veteran must have been officially listed as a captive of the enemy. Only veterans with an honorable discharge may accept the medal. 

Veterans Cemeteries in Oklahoma

There are two state veterans cemeteries located in the state of Oklahoma. They are the Fort Gibson National Cemetery in Fort Gibson, and the Fort Sill National Cemetery in Elgin. Both cemeteries can accept both casketed burials and cremated remains at this time. 

Interment is available to all veterans who were dishonorably discharged. Likewise, their family members are also eligible for interment, even if they pass before the eligible veteran. 

Claim Your Oklahoma State Veteran Benefits

Once you have served, you deserve an easy and affordable life. The state of Oklahoma has found several significant ways to ease the burden on veterans throughout the Sooner State. Many of these Oklahoma state veteran benefits are of particular help to the disabled veterans in the state.

Do you have questions about your disability status? Reach out to the professionals at VetLink solutions to learn more about the benefits available to you. Start with a free evaluation and we’ll ensure that your disability rating is accurate.

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