Rhode Island State Veteran Benefits

Rhode Island Veteran Benefits

Find out about the many Rhode Island State veteran benefits and resources that may be available to you. Contact VetLink Solutions to learn more.

Veterans Are Heroes Who Earned Their Rights To State Benefits

Veterans are the brave men and women who put their own lives in danger, sacrificed spending time at home with their loved ones, and put the safety and well-being of every American before themselves so we can have a life of prosperity and freedom. They are American heroes who have earned their military pensions and the state benefits that rightfully belong to them. Rhode Island provides several important benefits to veterans. Find out what these benefits are in this article.

The Rhode Island Veterans Home

The Home for veterans in Rhode Island is located in Bristol on Mount Hope Bay. It is a 110-acre complex that provides Rhode Island honorably discharged war veterans with quality residential and nursing care. Some of the services the veterans’ home provides include medical, social, rehabilitative, and nursing services. Rates are affordable at 80% of your adjusted net income.

Financial Benefits for Rhode Island Veterans’

Retiree Income Tax

Rhode Island is one of four states in the U.S. that requires veterans to pay taxes on their military pensions income. However, a budget proposal has been introduced to legislation that would phase out taxing military service pensions by the year 2027. In addition, Rhode Island does offer veterans a tax break, whereas up to $15,000 of their pension income is exempt, providing they meet the following terms:

  • Must have reached the Social Security age for retirement, which is 65 or older.
  • Must receive a federal annuity or pension
  • Meet income limits of less than $83,450 for a single taxpayer or $104,350 for a married person who files jointly.

Property Tax Exemption

Veterans of the military from Rhode Island who provided service during the Cold War may now qualify for property tax exemption that includes real estate or motor vehicles they own. Thus, veterans are eligible for anything other than a dishonorable discharge, whether they served during a conflict under legislation or declared war.

There are seven exemption categories, including:

1.     Veterans’ regular exemption

2.     Exemption for an unmarried widow/widower of a qualified veteran

3.     Exemption for totally disabled veterans through service-connected disability

4.     Exemption for partially disabled veterans through service-connected disability

5.     Exemption for Gold Star parents’

6.     Exemption for prisoner of war

7.     Exemption for specially adapted housing

Amounts of exemptions vary by location and category.

Disabled Veterans of Rhode Island Free Vehicle Registration and Renewals

All honorably discharged veterans who are totally disabled can no longer use a limb, or lost a limb during combat is exempt from license and annual vehicle registration fees. Veterans who are 100% disabled are eligible for a RI Disabled Veteran License plate that can be used on commercial or private vehicles under 6,300 lbs. There is no initial fee or renewal fee for the license plate.  

Veterans of Rhode Island Education Benefits

Disabled Veterans of Rhode Island Free Tuition Benefits

Veterans of Rhode Island who have 10 to 100% service-connected disability are eligible for free tuition benefits at Rhode Island’s public colleges and universities. However, must apply for financial aid first and use what you are approved for.

Veterans of Rhode Island Recreation Benefits

Disabled Veterans of Rhode Island Fishing & Hunting License Benefits

Every veteran who is 100% disabled is eligible to get a free fishing and hunting license, whether you live in Rhode Island.  

Active Duty Fishing & Hunting License Benefits

Military members who are not residents of Rhode Island but are stationed in Rhode Island can get a fishing and hunting license must pay the resident rate.

Veterans of Rhode Island State Park Admission

Veterans with a 100% disability can get into RI state parks for free. However, fees must be paid for picnics, equestrian, and camping. Non-residents of RI also qualify. 

Veterans of Rhode Island Cemetery

The state veterans’ cemetery in Rhode Island is located in Exeter.

Rhode Island wartime veterans with an honorable discharge, and Rhode Island National Guard twenty-year retirees, reserve components are eligible. Their spouses and dependents may also qualify for burial benefits. Visit the VetLink Solutions website for more information.

Stay Updated on Rhode Island Veteran Disability

Military veteran disability benefits can change at any time. Therefore, it is important to check for updates regularly. VetLink can assist veterans with increasing their benefits and keeping up with everything from health care to finances.

Who We Are

VetLink Solution is a group of service-disabled veterans who served our country for decades and have decades of VA system experience of our own that we used to help other veterans in need of assistance. We are committed to providing veterans with the best potential path forward and providing our expertise solutions free and without any obligation.

You only pay when you receive benefits resulting from our services. Since the services we provide can improve a veteran’s quality of life, our mission is to connect every service-disabled veteran that we can reach to the medical resources they need and assist them in submitting a VA claim successfully.

How It Works

Step 1: Start by contacting us for a free evaluation either online or by phone. Soon a friendly VetLink advisor will contact you to complete a brief review of your veteran service-connected disabilities.

Step 2: We carefully analyze your information to determine if our services will be beneficial to your potential claim.

Step 3: If our services are not the best for you, we will direct you to other resources that may serve you better. However, if we feel we can make a difference, we will set up an appointment for you to meet with a competent and compassionate medical provider.

Step 4: Our well-versed provider will work with you to successfully complete your Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) and submit it to Veterans Affairs.

Step 5: Your claim will be reviewed, and if approved, you will receive an increase in your disability rating.

Find Out More About Veteran Assistance

To learn more about applying for and receiving Rhode Island state veteran benefits, contact VetLink. We want to ensure you get everything you are entitled to as someone who served our country

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