2nd to None

Vet Link Solutions is 2nd to none with the service they provide. I ran across Vet Link quite by accident when I was at an event sponsored by Congressman Andy Biggs in Mesa AZ. I was skeptical and wasn’t sure they were legit, but I thought what do I have to lose. That was in April 2019. Not long into the process, I was pleasantly surprised that Vet Link Solutions was there for me at every turn. I was still very doubtful they would be successful when I and many others had failed. Vet Link Solutions did all the heavy lifting. All I had to do was answer questions and sign documents. In the past this process was so stressful it caused me anxiety and depression, which made me apprehensive about going through this again. With Vet Link Solutions it was much less so. They stayed in contact to reassure me that all was going well. They were even able to accommodate me while I was in Wisconsin. Vet Link Solutions made all the arrangements. I even had a video conference online. When this started my rating was 60%. Imagine my shock when I got the email from the VA that I was 100% disabled. I could not wrap my brain around it. I didn’t think it was real. Then I got a message from Vet Link Solutions confirming the email from the VA. I still have the feeling I’m going to wake up and find this to be some bizarre dream.

I can’t thank the Vet Link Solutions staff enough. They are worth every dime of their fee. If you don’t think you are getting all you deserve from the VA, give Vet Link Solution a call. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. THANK YOU Vet Link Solutions for giving me a new lease on life

Better Business Bureau

Vetlink Solutions is not a Veterans Service Organization (VSO) or law firm and is not affiliated with the U.S. Veterans Administration (“VA”). Vetlink Solutions does not provide legal or medical advice or assist clients with preparing or filing claims for benefits with the VA.

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