Needless to say, it was a miracle!

I am a World War II veteran with 2 Purple Hearts and just when I thought miracles never happened I happened to be at the V.A. in Phoenix, AZ and I saw this display for VetLink Solutions. It advertised assistance for applying for disability. I figured what do I have to lose, it’s a battle I’ve been fighting for 73 years. Needless to say, it was a miracle! That was June of 2019 and in August of 2019, my disability was raised to 100%. With no hassle and amazing service from VetLink Solutions. I would highly recommend this service to any veteran that’s been going through the “paper war” as I have.  There are no guarantees but, what have you got to lose?

Better Business Bureau

Vetlink Solutions is not a Veterans Service Organization (VSO) or law firm and is not affiliated with the U.S. Veterans Administration (“VA”). Vetlink Solutions does not provide legal or medical advice or assist clients with preparing or filing claims for benefits with the VA.

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