The Top 10 Florida State Veteran Benefits

Florida Veteran Benefits

There are currently more than 17 million veterans living across the United States — so if you are one of them you are not alone! That said transitioning back into civilian life can be challenging for a veteran.

You may find yourself facing physical, emotional, or financial obstacles. In fact, 44% of veterans find the transition into civilian life difficult. No matter what you are struggling with VetLink Solutions is here to help you.

There are loads of great Florida State Veteran Benefits available to help you acclimatize to civilian life. Read on to find out exactly what types of benefits you are entitled to in Florida.

1. Florida State Property Tax Exemptions for Veterans

If you have a VA disability of 10% or more then you could be entitled to a property tax deduction. Florida deducts $5,000 of your home’s assessed value if you are living with a service-related disability.

This exemption also applies to surviving spouses of veterans. To qualify, you must have been married to a veteran for five years or more.

2. Homestead Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

Veterans who are totally disabled or quadriplegic are exempt from paying any property tax. Depending on your income, this exemption may also apply to veterans who: 

  • Are paraplegic or hemiplegic
  • Have to use a wheelchair to get around
  • Are considered legally blind

Surviving spouses may also be eligible for this tax exemption if they have not remarried.

3. Preference in Government Job Hiring

Once you have left the military you may want to look for a new job. This can provide structure to your days and help you meet people who live in your area. 

In that case, it is worth noting that disabled veterans and spouses of disabled veterans get preference in government job hiring. This includes jobs for state government, county government, and municipal governments. So if you want to improve your job application odds, this is a great place to apply!

4. Tuition Fee Waiver for Veterans

If you are looking to expand your training then you should definitely check out tuition waivers for veterans. The state of Florida waives veteran’s tuition fees for:

  • Undergraduate-level courses at state universities
  • Technical colleges and community colleges
  • Career training facilities

To qualify for a tuition fee waiver you need to have received the Purple Heart or higher decorations during your military service.

5. Education for Children of Disabled or Deceased Veterans

Your children can also benefit from your time in the military. Children of disabled veterans are eligible for free four-year educational courses at college level.

This fee waiver may also apply to children of deceased veterans, prisoners of war, or military members missing in action. 

6. Veterans Florida Agriculture Program 

Getting out in the fresh air and onto the land can really help to focus your mind when adjusting to civilian life. Because of this, Florida offers a six-month agricultural training program for all veterans.

This program provides hands-on training and understanding of Florida’s agricultural industry. So if you are interested in working in this area, this is a great opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge! On top of this, the scheme’s trainees earn $15, so you can make money while you learn!

7. Florida Veteran Homes 

If you need support living with service-related injuries or disabilities then the Robert Jenkins Jr. Assisted Living Home is a great source of support. This provides: 

  • Accommodation and housing
  • Support services
  • Medical care for veterans

The cost of care in these assisted living homes is determined using your income, so no matter your financial situation help is at hand.

8. Veterans Nursing Homes of Florida

When it comes to veteran care for elderly retirees, Florida also has you covered. There are currently six nursing homes and one assisted-living facility that are run by the state exclusively for veterans.

To qualify for admission you must have lived in Florida for one year before your admission and have received an honorable discharge. You will also need a certificate from your doctor stating that you require nursing home care.

9. Driver’s License Fees for Veterans

If you have permanent disabilities from your time in service then getting around will be more challenging.

Because of this, Florida has waived its driver’s license fees for disabled veterans. You still need to pass your driver’s test but you will receive your license for free.

10. Florida Benefits for Recreational Activities

Florida recognizes your time serving in the military and appreciates this. Because of this, they offer significant benefits for recreational activities throughout the state. 

These benefits include: 

  • A 25% discount on annual state park passes for honorably discharged veterans
  • Free lifetime state park passes for veterans living with service-related disabilities
  • Free and reduced entry to county and municipal parks for members of the military and veterans
  • Military Gold Sportsman’s Licenses for $20 for active and retired members of the military
  • Free hunting and fishing licenses for 5 years for disabled veterans

This means that it is easier than ever for veterans in Florida to get out and enjoy recreational activities.

Make the Most of Florida State Veteran Benefits Today

As you can see, there are plenty of great Florida State Veteran Benefits that can provide financial and practical support in your daily life. So make the most of these once you have left the military!

If you are living with a disability from your time in the military, you could also qualify for financial compensation. In that case, you’ll need to submit a successful claim to the VA. To get started, sign up for a free evaluation today from our Veteran medical benefits advisor — we’re here to help.

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