Utah State Veteran Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

Utah Veteran Benefits

The State of Utah has a high percentage of resident veterans, with some areas having almost 10% occupancy. It stands to reason that the state looks after them and their dependents with a wide array of benefits. But do you know what they are?

If not, then we can explain them to you. Read on for our essential guide on Utah State veteran benefits and see what you are entitled to. 

Utah State Veteran Benefits for Retirees

There are four homes available to veterans in Utah. Locations are across the state and they are all listed below.

  • Central Utah Veterans Home
  • William E Christofferson Salt Lake Veterans Home
  • Southern Utah Veterans Home Ivins
  • George E Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home

Each home has its own rules and regulations. At all of them, honorably discharged veterans are eligible for admission, although wartime veterans get preference. A nominal fee may be asked to cover the cost of care and spouses may also be eligible for admission. 

Veteran Benefit for Employment in Utah

There are several benefits to employment for veterans in Utah. These are quite substantial when compared to offerings in other states. 

Accelerated Credential to Employment Program

This program is more commonly referred to as the ACE. It applies to Utah veterans, drilling members of the reserve, and guards along with their spouses. 

Its purpose is to break down any barriers to employment they may have. This provides short-term training or certificates related to skills they learned while in service. 

Driving Skills Test Waiver

This only applies to people looking for a commercial driver’s license. The skills test is waivered if they meet licensing qualifications, have operated a commercial vehicle in the last two years, and were honorably discharged. 

Veterans Job Preference

When applying for municipal or local government jobs in the state and county, an employment test must take place. Veterans who have been honorably discharged will get 5 points added to their employment test score, with disabled veterans receiving 10 points. Spouses and unmarried surviving spouses may also be eligible for these additions. 

Utah Tax Veteran Benefits

Utah offers a comprehensive range of benefits regarding tax. As well as the ones listed below, it is worth noting that military retired pay and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) are both free from income tax. 

Property Tax Abatement

There is a reduction in property tax that disabled veterans are eligible for. However, it can be quite tricky to calculate. 

Up to $1067 can be abated. An additional credit that is equal to 20% of the tax on a home’s current market value is also available. 

Anyone disabled in military service that has at least 10% disability may apply. Unmarried surviving spouses or their children are also eligible. 

Purple Heart Fee Exemption

Recipients of a Purple Heart get a number of exemptions. The main ones are listed below.

  • Motor Vehicle License
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Local Option Transportation Corridor Preservation
  • Uninsured Motorist Identification
  • License Plate Issue

After this, very few fees are left to pay. The remaining ones include property tax and any age-based fees. 

Armed Forces Property Tax Exemption

If a person has served 200 days as an active or reserve member of the armed forces, they may get a full redemption from property tax. This gets paid out in the year after you have finished your service. 

Recreational Benefits for Utah Veterans

Recreational benefits in Utah are plentiful. If you are a disabled veteran benefits provide many incentives to get you into the great outdoors. Anyone with a disability of 20% or more is eligible for a fishing license at no cost or a substantial discount. 

Anyone with a 50% disability or above who has been honorably discharged may get an Honor Pass. This will grant them access to all state parks along with 7 other guests in their vehicle, all at no cost. 

Veterans Cemetery of Utah

The Utah Veterans Ceremony & Memorial Park is located in Bluffdale. Eligibility is dependent upon the standard requirement for VA cemeteries.

The person must have had an honorable discharge. Alternatively, the person may have died on active duty, active duty training, or inactive duty for training. 

In some instances, the spouse or minor child of the veteran may also be eligible. Even unmarried adult-dependent children of veterans will be considered. Any dependents must pay a small fee, though there is no charge for the veteran. 

Education Assistance for Utah Veterans

Several programs are available to help veterans in Utah get through education. Many of them provide assistance for tuition fees and aim to assist people through courses. Any recipients of the Purple Heart pay no tuition fees at any of the state colleges. 

Veterans Tuition Gap Program

If a veteran has utilized all of their post 9-11 GI Bill, they can still get further funding. Under certain conditions, the fees for the last year of a degree program can be waived. 

Scott B Lundell Tuition Waiver

This applies to any surviving dependents, specifically those who had parents killed in action on or after September 11, 2001. If eligible, they are granted a waiver for fees at state schools. 

Claiming Veteran Benefits

Now you know the Utah State veteran benefits, look through to see which apply. Do some initial research on qualifying and collate the documentation you need. After this, you just need to lodge your applications. 

If this still seems confusing, there is help at hand. VetLink provides assistance to veterans, helping them claim and apply for entitlements. Click here for a free evaluation and let us get you the benefits you deserve.

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