Vermont State Veteran Benefits: What You Need to Know

Vermont Veteran Benefits

There are currently 36,988 veterans residing in Vermont. Compared to other states, this is a very small number. However, it doesn’t make them any less important! 

Vermont state veteran benefits mean that very few veterans have a poor quality of life. From financial to recreational perks, there is something for every veteran to benefit from. 

These brave men and women made significant sacrifices to help protect the United States; it’s essential that they’re treated well. Unfortunately, the veteran benefits on offer aren’t always well-publicized, and the claims process can be complex. Therefore, many deserving families go without the compensation they’re owed. 

In this veteran benefits guide, we’ll review everything available in the state and the eligibility criteria. Read on to find out more. 

Veterans Homes in Vermont 

According to Veterans Data Central, around 19.3% of veterans in Vermont have a service-connected disability. The veteran’s home in Bennington is available for these applicants that require skilled nursing care. Additionally, any veteran can apply if they develop a medical need in later life that isn’t service-connected.

Priority is given to veterans from Vermont, but anyone can apply as long as they received an honorable discharge and did a minimum of 90 days of service. Gold Star parents and spouses of qualifying veterans can also apply for admission. 

Wherever possible, veterans will be set up with medical insurance that covers admission costs; if this isn’t possible, veterans must pay for care. 

Financial Benefits for Vermont Veterans 

Financial aid is the first benefit that veterans usually utilize when they return from active duty. Vermont prioritizes helping veterans ease the financial burden that comes with uprooting their families for active duty. 

There are several options available. If you need help with making a claim for any of the following benefits, you should contact your local veteran advisor

Income Tax

Veterans have reduced income tax. They don’t pay any income tax while they’re on active duty and positioned out of state. Additionally, up to $2000 in guard or reserve pay is tax-free. 

Emergency Financial Aid

Veteran’s Affairs in Vermont provide emergency financial aid to veterans and/or their dependents in crisis situations. They can receive a one-time payment after applying over the phone or in person. 

To claim this benefit, they must provide a detailed explanation of the situation and current income vs. expenditure. 

Property Tax

Certain veterans are able to receive a property tax exemption of at least $10,000. The following veterans are eligible: 

  • VA disability score of >50%
  • Receiving VA pension
  • Collecting military medical retirement pay 
  • Surviving spouses of qualifying veterans 

Employment Assistance 

Getting back to work after active duty isn’t always easy. Many veterans are considered untrained for regular employment, and service-connected disabilities can make it more challenging to work. Vermont provides help in certain areas to help veterans secure a permanent job within the state. 

State Employment Preference 

All veterans get an additional five points added to their employment test scores when applying for state jobs. If they have a service-connected disability, they receive 10 points. Surviving spouses also qualify. 

To be eligible for this points preference, the veteran must have an honorable discharge. 

Commercial Drivers License Skills Test Exemption 

If a service member drove a commercial vehicle within the last 12 months, they can apply for a CDL without completing the skills section of the test. 

The vehicle they drove in the military must match the type they’re applying to drive. 

Recreation Benefits for Vermont Veterans 

Aside from the practical and financial help that Vermont provides veterans, they also help with recreation activities. Able veterans can benefit from a mixture of hunting, fishing, and nature activities. 

Hunting and Fishing Licenses 

Veterans from Vermont can claim benefits on certain recreation activities within the state. Veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 60% or more receive a free lifetime hunting and fishing license. 

Non-resident veterans who live in a state with a similar benefit available can also claim a free one-year fishing and hunting license. 

Active-duty members who like to chill out on their days off can get a hunting and fishing license at the resident rate when they’re stationed in Vermont. 

Green Mountain Passport 

Finally, Vermont veterans can receive a Green Mountain Passport for a reduced rate of $2. Those with a 60% disability rating get it for free.

This allows veterans to enter state parks for free. Overnight camping and other park fees are not included with this free pass. 

Vermont State Veterans Cemetery

There is one cemetery in Vermont that is reserved for service members and their families. The Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetary is situated in the Randolf Center. 

To be eligible for burial at this cemetery, you must be a veteran, National Guard member with more than 20 years of service, a spouse, or an unmarried minor child. 

There is no fee for a veteran’s burial. Dependents pay a nominal fee, often based on what they can afford. There’s more information about this provided on the Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs website.  

Vermont State Veteran Benefits Explained

This Vermont state veteran benefits guide outlines everything that’s available to claim when you return from active duty. Every veteran is deserving of practical, financial, and recreational aid when they return, so make sure you get what you’re entitled to. 

At VetLink Solutions, we understand that the process can be difficult and sometimes daunting. We’re here to help each and every veteran. 

Why not contact us today for a free evaluation of your circumstances and the potential benefits you’re owed? 

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