Vietnam Era Vets

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Vietnam Era Vets

Before the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in history was the Vietnam War. Lasting from 1954 to 1973, the costly decades-long conflict ended with failed objectives and a deep public disdain for the war. To make matters even worse, the enemy we were facing was unlike any other. When Americans arrived in Vietnam in 1965, they had engagement limits from President Lyndon Johnson. This, paired with the unfamiliar and dense jungles of Vietnam, created a perfect environment for Northern Vietnam to be able to secure the upper hand. In 1973, a ceasefire was signed by President Richard Nixon, after over 2.7 million troops were sent into Vietnam.

Of the 2.7 million troops that entered Vietnam, 304,000 were wounded. Amputations and crippling wounds were over 300% higher than those reported in World War II. A wide variety of diseases like Hodgkin’s disease and soft tissue sarcoma became common among survivors, while birth deformities were reported in children of service members, and issues stemming from Agent Orange were growing. With such a long and complicated war, the brave veterans who served the United States in the Vietnam War faced a multitude of hardships that had everlasting effects.

Vetlink Solutions is a group of service-disabled veterans that have been through the Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) process. We connect veterans with licensed medical providers that share our mission, which is to help Veterans obtain the benefits they are due. Vetlink Solutions is not affiliated with the Veterans Administration in any way. Our providers are licensed independent medical practitioners who understand the claims process. VA medical providers are contracted and appointed by the Veterans Administration. Generally, they are inundated with patients and in most cases are unable to give the detailed level of attention needed to properly review a claim. Many Veterans are unsatisfied with the claims process when utilizing VA appointed doctors, which usually results in refiling claims or lengthy appeals. To ensure you are getting the proper benefits, contact us today to discuss your situation and find out more about how we can help you with your service-connected disability rating.

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