Washington State Veteran Benefits: What You Need to Know

Washington State Veteran Benefits

In 2017 around 46.7 percent of veterans received some kind of service-related cash or non-cash benefit. With such a high percentage, it’s important to know what kind of benefits are available for veterans today. 

One positive thing about the United States is that they recognize the importance of their military. To show this they have provided a wide range of benefits to help ex-service members. 

A great way to get an insight into what veterans are entitled to is by looking at the Washington state veteran benefits.

When veterans are claiming benefits it’s all about checking whether or not they are eligible for them. If veterans aren’t eligible for one benefit, they may be eligible for another.

So once they do find which benefits they may be eligible for, then veterans can apply for them.   

To get an insight into the kinds of benefits that Washington State offers veterans and the ways that veterans may be able to get them, keep reading. 

Washington State Veteran Benefits 

Below, Vet Link Solutions has outlined some benefits that Washington offers its veterans. Veterans can also get an insight into some other benefits here, but we recommend that they read this guide the full way through. 

With that in mind, it’s time to go through this Washington state veteran benefits guide.

In Washington, financial benefits are available for veterans.

To get a disabled veteran property tax exemption, veterans must be over the age of 61 and have a low income. If veterans have an 80 percent service-connected disability then they may also be eligible for tax exemption. 

With this tax exemption, veterans and surviving spouses may be exempt from paying property tax on their homes. 

Other kinds of financial assistance are also available in Washington. Most counties have financial assistance programs available for military and veteran families. 

Besides financial help, Washington has four state veteran homes where veterans can stay. However, there are a few conditions for admission.

Military members must have had an honorable discharge and there is a cost for care. Spouses, surviving spouses, and gold star parents may also be eligible for admission. 

Aside from care, Washington has several benefits in terms of education for veterans.  

Permanently and totally disabled veterans and dependents of military members who died in service may receive up to 200 hours of free tuition at state schools. 

To receive this benefit, family members must be dependent sons or daughters between the ages of 17 to 26 or a surviving spouse. Surviving spouses can receive this benefit for up to 10 years from the date of death or the date of the VA rating.

More Veteran Benefits in Washington 

State employment is also available for Washington veterans. Veterans who have been honorably discharged or veterans who have a campaign ribbon get preference for state jobs. 

The employment benefit has proved to be vital for getting veterans back to work.

This is why additional support may be given to veterans if jobs require examinations.

Non-combat veterans get an extra 5 percent credit in their examinations. Combat veterans get an extra 10 percent credit. Mobilized guards or reserve members get 5 percent credit. 

While honorable discharge is required, any veteran who has retired from the military can get an extra 5 percent in their examination scores. 

Qualified public employees may also receive military service credit. This is something that the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems provides. 

Washington state also gives veterans licenses and credentials in some healthcare professions. However, their previous military training must be appropriate to that profession. 

In terms of driving, veterans may also get a pass for their skills test. To be eligible, veterans must have operated a commercial driving license in the last 90 days of their military duties. 

Other Benefits Veterans Can Receive 

Veterans in Washington may also receive help in other ways too. Some other Washington state benefits can assist veterans in getting hunting and fishing licenses.

Veterans may be eligible for a discounted hunting and fishing license. To get this, they must have a disability that is 30 percent or more, or they are over 65 and have a disability.

Active duty military stationed in Washington are also eligible for hunting and fishing licenses at the resident rate. 

Also, veterans who have a 30 percent disability or higher are eligible for a free lifetime pass for a variety of benefits at Washington state parks. Including free camping, watercraft launching, reservations, trailer dumps, and more. 

Washington also offers a cemetery where veterans, their children, and their spouses can be buried. Veterans do not have to be residents in Washington to be laid to rest at the Washington State Veterans Cemetery. 

A one-time fee for the veteran interments is free for veterans. However, the rest of the funeral arrangements must get covered by veterans’ families. All veterans are eligible for this service as long as they did not receive a dishonorable discharge. 

If veterans want to check if they are eligible for a cemetery burial or any of the other benefits that have been mentioned so far, then they can get more information here

How Veterans Can Claim Benefits

After reading about Washington state veteran benefits, veterans now have a better idea of the help that is available for them. While some veterans may only be eligible for a few benefits, other veterans may be entitled to every benefit. 

It is worthwhile for veterans to check what they are eligible for. 

If veterans have any questions or queries about benefits, then they can get a free evaluation now.

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