Wisconsin State Veteran Benefits: Key Facts You Need To Know

Wisconsin Veteran Benefits

Wisconsin has a population of over 300,000 veterans. Many are attracted to retirement here by the excellent facilities, climate, and benefits afforded to them. But do you know exactly what they are?

If you are unsure of what you are entitled to, we can help. Read on as we discuss the Wisconsin state veteran benefits. 

Wisconsin Veterans Homes

There are three veteran’s homes in Wisconsin. You do not have to be a state resident to get admitted, though residents do get priority placements. 

  • Wisconsin Veterans Home at Chippewa Falls
  • WI Veterans Home at Union Grove
  • Wisconsin Veterans Home at King

Admittance is available to anyone that has had an honorable discharge. As well as veterans, Gold Star parents, spouses, and surviving spouses are also eligible. A monthly fee is charged which the resident must be able to cover. 

State Veteran Benefits For Tax

For income tax, SBP payments and military retirement are free from tax. For those buying property, a Wisconsin Veterans & Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit is available. 

This only applies to a primary residence. It is for veterans and surviving unmarried spouses. Veterans must be 100% disabled or unemployable. 

Wisconsin Assistance And Aid

Emergency aid is available to the families of those who died in active service. This covers unmarried surviving spouses and dependent children. Under the definition of emergencies come natural disasters, medical payments, household bills, and vehicle repairs. 

An Assistance to Needy Veterans Grant provides help with subsistence and healthcare. It provides limited financial assistance and grants have maximum limitations.

Wisconsin State Recreational Veteran Benefits

A number of recreational benefits are available to veterans for outdoor pursuits and at state parks. These cover both active and disabled residents. 

Hunting Trapping And Fishing Licenses

Small game, turkey, and fishing licenses are available for free to those on active duty. Reduced rates are also available on antlerless deer tags, sturgeon spearing licenses and they are eligible for a one-time transfer of a class A bear license. 

For any veterans who have been diagnosed as over 70% disabled by the VA, reductions are available on fishing licenses. All other licenses are available at resident rates, including those for non-resident active duty members. 

Purple Heart Recipient Licenses

Resident and non-resident purple heart recipients can benefit from a Conservation Patron license at a reduced fee. Trapping, fishing, and hunting licenses for non-resident recipients are available at resident rates. 

Spring turkey harvest authorization can be bought for recipients without having to go through the turkey drawing. A Class A bear license can also be transferred. 

Wisconsin State Parks Benefits

When visiting any of the state parks, veterans who have 70 percent disability do not have to pay fees. This covers both trail passes and vehicle admission. 

Wisconsin Veteran Employment Benefits

There are a number of state veteran benefits to help people find employment. These are available for both non-active and disabled veterans. 

Veterans Retraining Grants

Assistance is available to veterans who are retraining for a new occupation after active service. This is $3000 per year for a maximum of two years. 

Veterans Preference

For a state civil service examination veterans will get 10 points added to a passing score. If a disability is present, those under 30% disabled will get 15 points added while over 30% will get 20 points added. Spouses of deceased or disabled veterans are also eligible. 

Education Benefits For Wisconsin Veterans

There are two main grants available to get veterans into education. These are the G.I. Bill and Education Grant.

VetEd Education Grant

This grant is a reimbursement-based grant. If any veteran completes a course at a private college, eligible UW or technical college then they can have some of the costs returned. The amount is based on the length of time spent on active military service and can also apply to veterans who have not yet received a degree. 

Wisconsin G.I. Bill

To qualify for this a veteran must have an honorable discharge, state residency, and wartime service. Dependents can qualify but only if the veteran has a 30 percent disability. 

This bill will pay tuition and segregated fees. It can cover them for the greater of 8 full-time semesters or 128 credits. The course must be conducted at the University of Wisconsin or in the Wisconsin Technical College System. 

Wisconsin Veteran Cemeteries

There are three veterans cemeteries in the state. You can find them at King, Spooner, and Union Grove. There is no fee for a veteran’s burial if they have been honorably discharged.

Dependent burials can also take place at the veteran cemeteries. A nominal fee will get charged for this. 

Wisconsin Veteran Identifier 

A veteran identifier can be shown on your Wisconsin driver’s license or your address card. To get this, you must meet certain requirements regarding your service terms.  You must have had at least one period of service made of 2 continuous years of active duty or 9 days of active duty during a period of wartime. 

Claiming Wisconsin State Veteran Benefits

Now you know the Wisconsin state veteran benefits, you just need to decide which ones are for you. From here, you can do some research and collate the documents you need. Before long, you will be getting the rewards you deserve for your time in service. 

Your first stop should be VetLink Solutions. We can take part in the whole process for you, from looking for your eligible benefits to doing the applications. Click here for a free evaluation and one of our expert staff will call you back with all the details.

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