Wyoming State Veteran Benefits

Wyoming Veteran Benefits

Did you know that there are currently 44,999 Veterans in the state of Wyoming? The median income of Wyoming veterans is $61,000, but about 6.4% of Wyoming veterans live in poverty.

As veterans of Wyoming, there are certain benefits available to you. Wyoming State veteran benefits range from tax to education benefits. They don’t stop there, so you need to understand what benefits are available to you so you can take advantage of them.

Are you a veteran living in the state of Wyoming? Find out what benefits you are entitled to and how you can access them.

Tax Benefits

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about individual income taxes in Wyoming, so that’s a plus whether you are a veteran or not. You also get the Veterans Property Tax Exemption of $3,000 on the value of their primary residence.

To benefit from the Veterans Property Tax Exemption, you need to either:

  • Have served in the US Armed Forces during certain periods 
  • Have served in an armed conflict overseas and received a medal
  • Be a disabled veteran 
  • Be a surviving spouse of an eligible Veteran who has not re-married

If you don’t have a primary residence, you could also use the exemption to a vehicle’s licensing fee.

Education Benefits

If you want to go back to college or university, then don’t forget to take advantage of the education benefits for veterans of Wyoming. The best part is that your family can also take advantage of the Wyoming Tuition Assistance.

Overseas combat veterans and their surviving spouses and dependents can have their tuition paid for any community college or the University of Wyoming. You can get financial assistance for tuition for 8 semesters within an 8-year period.

Employment Benefits

Are you looking to upgrade your skills? Employment and training can help you find purpose and change the quality of your life. If so, then you need to know about the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services’ Employment and Training Workforce Centers that offer employment and training services to US veterans.

You can get assistance with job search, writing your resume, and skills assessment. Any veteran in the US Armed Forces who received an honorable discharge can access these services.

Spouses are also eligible if they are spouses of veterans who have been rated as 100% service-connected disabled, died of a service-connected disability, or declared missing in action or a prisoner of war.

Preference for State Jobs

If you are looking to apply for state employment, then keep in mind that as a Wyoming veteran you can get a hiring preference. You must meet the job requirements based on the job posting.

State employment is based on a numerical score. Veterans and surviving spouses can have 5% or 5 points added to their numerical score, whereas disabled veterans get 10% or 10 points added. If no numerical scoring is used, then veterans and surviving spouses should get an advantage that is reasonably equivalent to a 5 or 10% advantage.

The preference is generally for new hires only. There is a similar benefit for positions in the federal civil service, based on federal law.

Drivers License and License Plate

You can get a veteran designation on your driver’s license and ID cards. The same fees apply for a veteran-designated license as a regular driver’s license. You get a red “V” in the upper-hand corner of your license.

If you want, you can also get 8 different license plate designs for your vehicle. These are designed to honor the service and sacrifice of veterans. 

Monetary Grants

You are also eligible for the Wyoming Military Assistance Trust Fund. This is an emergency monetary grant that is designed to assist veterans and their dependents because of financial hardship or emergencies directly related to active military service.

Recreation Benefits

The Wyoming state veteran benefits are not just about jobs and education. You can also take advantage of recreation benefits as well.

Free Fishing and Hunting License

Fishing can be relaxing and fun. Fishing can help increase your concentration, reduce stress levels, and improve self-esteem. Luckily, you can get a free lifetime bird hunting, small game hunting, and fishing license.

Those veterans who are 100% or 50% disabled are eligible for this recreational benefit. You can also get a free license if you are a Purple Heart recipient. Your license remains valid as long as you are a resident of Wyoming.

You can also get a special limited fishing license that can be issued by any VA hospital in Wyoming, Wyoming Department of Health, or Wyoming Department of Family Services. With this type of license, your activities are under the direct control of the department that issued the license. 

Free Parks Pass

For those veterans who have a 50% or more service-connected disability, you can get a free Wyoming State Park Lifetime Veterans Permit. It allows you free day use and camping for life at the Wyoming State Park. Remember that you will need to show proof of residency in Wyoming and certification from VA of your disability percentage.

Wyoming Veterans Cemetery

The Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery is located in Evansville. There is no charge for the burial plot or grave vault at the cemetery. You can get a burial plot assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Any veteran with an honorable discharge is eligible to get a burial plot at the Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery. Spouses and children under the age of 21 may also be eligible for a burial plot at no charge. You and your family will be responsible for the rest of the funeral expenses.  

Get a Free Evaluation of Your Wyoming State Veteran Benefits

In this article, we discussed all the Wyoming State veteran benefits that you could take advantage of. They are wide-ranging benefits from taxes to education and employment. These are designed to help veterans in Wyoming get back on their feet and even thrive.

As time passes, your veterans’ disabilities and effects may increase. With our help, you can get a free evaluation to increase your disability rating if your symptoms are worsening. If you choose to work with us, we also offer financing and payment plans as needed. 

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